Luke Robert Hemmings.

9/18/14: Patrick Kane preps for training camp [X]


alexanderdeleon: spotted: my @shop42799 “whiskey” shirt on @ashtonirwin of 5SOS onstage at the rose bowl.



too early for pumpkins?


It is officially PSL season, which totally means it’s pumpkin time! 

ashtonirwinMy dudes


Mark at Burton High Fives

Oshie Queue (5/∞)

beau at the youth hockey camp. 8.13.14 


Patrick Sharp, on why he’s wearing Toews’ jersey at the panel — "No, I didn’t lose any bets. I signed autographs last year with a Kane jersey, so I figured, enough of that.”


ok you lil sports fans hockey season’s around the corner and i can’t find the old list so i’m making another one with links to streams to watch the games live. not sure how many of them will still work for hockey but hey, i’ll take my chances.

the ones with astericks are the ones i used all last season so. CARRY ON CHILDREN, CARRY ON

endless list of faves: 7/?

claude giroux #28

flower tells us how he really feels about media day (◡‿◡✿)

58 of 30 :: moments i fall in love with patrick kane

Brandon Prust asks for some of his teammates’ autographs.

kane and sharp after winning the cup