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God bless Bobby Goepfert (p.s. he’s always like this. Give em a follow) 

"For an all out Vampire battle in the 21st century, you would think the Revolutionary war battle formations would be outdated." I mean I think he should narrate every single movie from now on. He is the next Morgan Freeman.

Bless the person who put the post together. I was following it on twitter the other night but was too tired to assemble it.

My favorite : “It is official. My wife hates me.”


You know what to do with that big fat butt.


2/22/14 USA vs. Finland: James van Riemsdyk screens Patrick Kane from the camera after his 2nd penalty shot miss until the ice is cleared
For anon. :) Many thanks to captainfantoewstic and the other anons who pointed out when it happened, seriously.


crowkanershawzy asked: jordan staal or tyler segiun?

Ben Smith’s outtakes from “Blackhawks at the Movies”

I have broken down walls. ( x x )


7/19/14: A little bit competitive

Many thanks to monalisasnmadhatters for helping to decipher the audio! :))

ten favorite oilers- #2: andrew ference


Alex Galchenyuk on how to be a gangster. - call him “Chizzle”